Anachron City

Mark/Space title page
This a quick 3D mock-up of our title page, which we will be improving over time. At the moment, we are keeping the homepage as text-only to avoid over-long access rates. But we will be substituting image-based pages once our extensive data files have been translated into hypertext.

City view
[Without planet setting.]
Basically, we are building a city that can be set down on the surface of the planet at a prepared site. What you see in this view (looking west) are many of the evolving structures which are arranged according to a city plan (which includes pavements with curbs and a canal). The steppe pyramid is the Museum, the dutch-style buildings (right foreground) are the Warehouses, to the left of the warehouses is the Cinema. The hexagonic-shaped structures are the Galleries, the buildings to the foreground of the galleries are the NanoFactory and Arcade. In the distance (towards the right) is the Library, to the left of the library is the Town Hall, to the left of that is the Bank, and the Virtual Estate Agency, and beyond the town hall is the tented Shop & Business district. We've also rendered another City view (this time looking northwest).

Planet view
Planet Mark/Space before the city was built (where only a castle stands.) This flattened area is the prepared site on which we have set Anachron City. The trench is the beginning of a canal, running north/south. You are looking north... the spaceport is located in the distance (not visible in this shot).

We did a lot of experiments with various terrains. This is one of them.
Essentially, except for a circular area encompassing a horseshoe-shaped lake and peninsula (within which the city is also located), the rest of the planet awaits terraforming or nanosculpting.
Environment builders and homesteaders welcome.

Mark/Space offices
These are only the floating platforms upon which we have erected 2 domes... the topmost platform is the landing pad. From the landing pad, a spiral of floating hexagonic stairs passes through the offices and on to ground level.
The offices are located on the town square (Anachron's central piazza), across the street from the library.

Library exterior
Located on the central piazza. This megalithic structure is the storehouse for books, magazines, newspapers, and other reference material. It also includes a growing collection of biographical profiles. The cylindrical sections house the reading rooms. We're still experimenting.

Library interior
The reading rooms feature wonderfully panoramic windows with scenic views (not visible in this version) of the city. These rooms will be equipped with functional filing cabinets and with text and image display capabilities (replacing the object which currently occupies the center of the room).

Bank exterior
The Bank viewed from the northeast. To the left of the bank you can just see part of the Virtual Estate Agency. To the right is a shopfront.

Cinema exterior
This is a view of the Cinema entrance as seen from the south, looking north. From this perspective, the Galleries would be directly behind us.

Factory Complex exterior
This is a view of the Factory Complex as seen from the west, looking east. From this perspective, the Galleries (not visible in this shot) would be due west.

Town Hall exterior
The Town Hall was one of the very first buildings designed. The original ray-traced version was rendered in 1994.

note: These are all experimental renderings which we plan to improve and update. The buildings were created using pov-ray and mo-ray software on a PC. In the near future, we hope to have access to Silicon Graphics hardware and other rendering software. But we want to retain the possibility of transplanting the many fine efforts of people working with home-based shareware 3D.

The aim of this planet is to provide an open forum for rendered art and architecture, a natural interactive and object-oriented data environment, and to propagate the idea of a shared universe. Or in the words of Bob Dylan: "I'll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours".

In the meantime, we can include .gif or .jpeg versions of your 3D work at this website. Still images of rendered architecture will be accessable through our Virtual Estate Agency. Graphics, art, and ray-traced sculptures will be exhibited in our numerous Galleries. We are also planning to assign a hotel room to each contributor, and to register them in the Talent Agency.

We also welcome links to other interesting sites featuring 3D graphics and images.

Send comments, suggestions, additions, and contributions to:

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