Gregory Sams

artist, fractographer, fractals, chaos, Seed Magazine , Harmony Foods, Whole Earth Foods, Ceres Grain Store, VegeBurger, Strange Attractions

1948 Born in California.

1951-1966 Various schools in UK and overseas, mainly A's.

1966 3 months at University of California, Berkeley.

1967 Dropped out -- returned to UK.

1967-1988 Played a major part in developing the emerging market for natural foods in the UK. Beginning with Seed Restaurant, Ceres Grain Store, Seed Magazine , Harmony Foods, Whole Earth Foods, and created the VegeBurger in 1982 (Realeat Company). Sold VegeBurger in 1988 and took a two year advance on retirement.

April 1990 Read the book Chaos by James Gleick.

November 1990 Opened and operated Strange Attractions, the West London shop dedicated to the new chaos theory, and designed, published, and distributed the Strange Attractions range of postcards, posters, T-shirts, ceramics, etc. This involved the development of the fractal and graphics skills needed to create, colour, and prepare fractals for publishing. The better part of two years was spent exploring and travelling through fractal universes.

April 1993 Sold the Strange Attractions shop to a new owner as it was cramping my ability to develop new skills and new artwork on the computer.

May 1993 Started to license new work to other publishers, for production of posters, T-shirts, calendars, giftwrap, notebooks, etc. Began working with scanned images from the garden, photos, words, etc. and incorporating them with, and sometimes without, fractals into finished work.

Many of my new pieces start off life as something else -- for instance the Sunflower Paradise poster started life as a humble invitation to a garden party at my house. --Gregory Sams (1995)


1990-1995 500,000+ posters hanging around the world.
1992-1995 Many million imprints around the world licensed through photo libraries.
November 1994 BCAA Exhibition at the Mall Gallery.


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