Louis Sarno

author, pygmies, bayaka, rainforest, central african republic, Gondwana music, science fiction

Born 3 July 1954 in Newark, New Jersey, United States.

"Before settling in Africa, he lived in Europe for over ten years, working in a variety of jobs, from farmhand in Scotland to English tutor and carpenter in Amsterdam". [publisher's bumpf, Song From the Forest , 1993]

Author of several unpublished science fiction novels.

Founder of the Gondwana music label.

"Louis Sarno is a time traveller. Ranging from science fiction futures, back through human history, to the birth of culture and society.

"From Star Trek to genesis. A twenty-first century man scrupulously following the prime directive... when circumstances began to alter his perspectives.

"Since 1986 Louis Sarno has been living with the Bayaka tribe in the rainforest of the Central African Republic. During this time he has recorded a valuable archive of their music and written a wonderful book, Song From the Forest , about his experiences.

"Louis's gallant attempt to audio-archive this rainforest society is quite a story, filled with insight and humor". --Henry W.Targowski (in Mark/Space , 1995).

For more information and a selection of his recordings contact:


We will be mounting an exhibition of Louis Sarno's photographs from the Ndoki rainforest in our galleries section.

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