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Updated: 25 April 1998


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This listing covers: conspiracy, covert activity, assassination, espionage, secret societies, and cults. I've added a new page which contains links to other websites (click on "Additional Links" in the index above). See "Of Related Interest" for pages specific to mind control, UFOs, and aliens.

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Conspiracy / Covert Activities / Cults
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Since many of these books are no longer in my personal archives, publishing details are not always available.
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Conspiracy / Covert Activities / Cults
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Conspiracy / Covert Activities / Cults
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Conspiracy / Covert Activities / Cults
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The Cult
(1997, BBC 1 television documentary, approximately 45 minutes... directed by Rachel Coughlan... Heaven's Gate cult... programme first aired Wednesday 6 August 1997... part of the 'Inside Story' series edited by Olivia Lichtenstein.)
"On 26 March this year, the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult were found in a house in San Diego. They all recorded their farewells on videotape and committed suicide by taking a fatal cocktail of drugs and alcohol." (in Radio Times , 2-8 August 1997)
"It was pointed out to me by archivist Dan Foster that Marshall Applewhite, cult leader, had previously made the news (together with his girlfriend and accomplice) as the so-called 'Bo and Peep' UFO cult." --Henry W.Targowski.

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